Books and Stories

When I was 13 I was a huge Star Trek fan, and devoured sci-fi books at an expensive rate. Heinlein, Anderson, Foster and so many other authors I can’t even remember now were consumed, and I began to have ideas of my own. So when I came down with chicken pox a week before spring break I found I had 2 weeks of complete, enforced solitude – it was just me and my itch once the pox started to heal. I sat down in front of the computer and started my first real writing project, which was a Star Trek novel set in the Next Generation time where the Doomsday Machine comes back and they have to stop it. Not only that, they find there’s a whole lot more coming their way and have to travel to another galaxy to stop them! I must have written at least 1/3 of a complete novel by the time I had to go back to school.

That was my start, once school was back in session many things happened (Including Peter David writing a novel with a similar premise!) and I never continued it, but I had ideas rattling around my head, fermenting while I worked on my career and had a family. A few years ago I realized I wanted, more needed to work on them, and so I went into my study and dedicated myself to it.

I’ve since written 2 full length Young Adult science fiction novels of a planned 6 book series, which I would love to find an editor and/or agent for. The trouble with novels is that I want them to be really good before I share them with the world at large, and I want to do it right, so they aren’t going to be downloadable just yet. Short stories, though, will appear here as I finish them.


Jason Stone Series:

Jason Stone is young man whose extraordinary family can’t seem to stay out of the galactic type of trouble. A natural born pilot, his problems seem to start when he steps out of his spaceship, yet he always seems to navigate through them. Together with his parents and younger sister they fight their way through a series of challenges orchestrated by Alexander Thane, a brilliant scientist and industrialist with a deluded plan for a better universe, and who will destroy anyone who tries to stop him!

Book 1 The Oana Drama: 2nd draft completed. When an off planet trip ends in disaster, Jason Stone and his family find themselves forced down on a mysterious world. Trapped on a sentient planet in the middle of an interplanetary war he must use all his untested talents to save his dying father and prevent the destruction of a world.

Book 2 – The Retro Enigma: 1st draft completed. When the now famous Jason Stone’s home is wrecked by malignant hackers the family decides to get away from it all, only to find themselves kidnapped by a Retro group who want to roll technology back to the bad old days of 2015. As the family plan their escape they discover the group’s misguided plan could bring widespread destruction to human space…

Book 3: Outline completed

Book 4: Outline Completed

Book 5: Outline Completed

Completed short stories and novellas

The Face of Khatagh: A horror novella which was inspired by a nightmare. Four friends must try to escape from near eternal agony, through a desolate wilderness. Shortly to be available from Amazon.

Acid Plains or How I Met Your Mother: This was a story within my first novel, I had to cut it out because of length but I capped it front and end to share as it’s fun – combat and survival on a hostile moon where the danger from the planetoid itself is as great as the enemy!

Short Stories/Novellas In Progress

The Last Kill: An aging serial killer tells his life story to his last victim.